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Discover Prime Real Estate Opportunities in Nigeria and Abroad!

Explore exclusive property opportunities in Nigeria and abroad with our reputable agency Trusted Real Estate Agency for Your Dream Property in Nigeria and Beyond Are you searching for the perfect property in Nigeria or abroad? Look no further! We are a trusted and tested real estate agency, dedicated to helping…


Capital refers to money or other assets owned by individuals or organizations, or funds made available or contributed for a specific purpose, such as initiating a company or making investments. Capital can encompass various items that hold value or provide an advantage to their owner. These can include physical assets…

The Benefits of Using a Commercial Mortgage Broker vs. Going Direct

In the intricate world of commercial real estate, acquiring the right financing can be a formidable task. Business owners and property investors frequently face the decision of whether to directly approach a lender or enlist the assistance of a reputable commercial mortgage broker. At FT Rich Mummy Financials, we are…

The Role of a Commercial Mortgage Lender in Real Estate Financing

In the complex realm of real estate financing, the expertise of a commercial mortgage lender can be immensely valuable. These financial professionals play a crucial role in helping businesses secure the funding necessary for acquiring, developing, or refinancing commercial properties. FT Rich Mummy Financials, a team of seasoned and certified…